We use Research Techniques that Aid Strategic Decision Making

In this technological era where data is the new gold, we put a great deal of efforts in fetching raw material in form of content that has substantial value. The services we offer have been refined through extensive research be it qualitative or quantitative. Our team of experts possessing deep understanding of various research methods and tools delivers comprehensive analysis on wide-ranging subjects. Our practice of in-depth research helps us develop intense insights that enables you in making tactical choices.

Primary Research

Our Primary Research Experts help in collecting and extracting complex information, for the remotest of areas, and for topics that have limited or no coverage. Depending on project requirements and scope, we use different methods to collect data. These include Postal surveys, e-mail surveys, Telephone interviews, Online surveys, Face-to-face surveys, Focus groups and Test marketing

Secondary Research

Our ability to source meaningful content and information from authentic sources in a very limited time helps us cater to research requirements promptly, and in a cost-effective way.

Market Analysis

Our more than 100 years of combined experience in working on markets across the globe helps us analyse the attractiveness of markets for specific sectors

Feasibility Reports

Investing in a product or a service means significant effort and resources. Our feasibility reports help you take a quick decision on whether it makes business sense to invest on a specific cause

Industry/Sector Reports

Our exhaustive industry reports are produced after intense research, brainstorming, and a thorough analysis of the market, the economy and the sector they operate in. Get customised reports on your area of interest, with key recommendations.

Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking

In a highly competitive business environment we operate in, it is a critical business need to be aware of the latest developments in competitor activity. Keeping a regular track of how you stand with respect to your competitors helps you design specific strategies to stay ahead or at par with your competition.

Data Analysis & Data Visualisations

We help you get meaningful actionable insights from your raw data through data cleaning and analysis. Not just this, we use various statistical tools to present the right analysis, and make Visualisations that give you a crystal-clear view.

Market Sizing

Whether it’s a niche product or service, or a product/service with mass adoption, we help you give the most precise market size – a result of reasonable assumptions that can be well substantiated, and calculations that come with reasoning and mind-boggling research

White Papers

Our business writers help you with the best of white papers on topics as diverse as Blockchain Technologies to Biodiversity to some latest development in Telecommunications. Industry expertise, a complete command over language, and years of experience in writing compelling content helps us deliver the best of White Papers.

Company Profiles

Whether it’s a one-page quick review of a company’s performance or a 50+ pages comprehensive view of a company with details of financial, operating and management performance, we help you with our intense, in-depth company research, with an output that helps you get the entire perspective in a matter of minutes